Briteage Consulting has been providing quality IT solutions since 2001, covering the New York/New Jersey region. With a main focus on the small business we provide custom solutions to fit our customer’s needs. We offer enterprise services on a small business budget. Large companies utilize teams of professionals to insure that their computer networks run smoothly and securely. Smaller businesses face the same technology challenges but can't justify the expense required to properly manage and maintain their IT investments.


Briteage Consulting provides small to medium sized businesses with access to technologies and services that focus on your specific business needs. We make technology a transparent, seamless productivity tool that you can utilize to enhance your business.


We take the time to plan projects, whether related to office moves, networking or server migrations. We understand the importance of a well-thought-out project, and how to maximize efficiency. Quick fixes to IT problems leave too much room for bigger headaches as well as increased costs over time, we're in business to provide long-term, comprehensive solutions that meet your IT needs and put your company in a position to prosper. We will work with you to find the weaknesses in your network and fix them!



    Contact Information:

     1375 Broadway


     Third Floor

     New York, NY 10018

     Office: 212-201-6964

     Fax: 212-937-3130



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